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The Philippines sees the acquisition of BrahMos cruise missiles from India as a significant boost to its national security, according to Philippine Ambassador Josel Francisco Ignacio. Ambassador Ignacio hailed the BrahMos missiles as a source of “credible deterrence” and a “milestone” for the Philippines. This highlights the importance the Philippines places on this new capability.

The Ambassador further emphasized that the acquisition is a “recognition of India’s Defense Industry, defence capability.” This signifies a growing trust and partnership between the two nations in the defense sector.

The South China Sea has been a point of contention for some time, with China asserting expansive territorial claims. The Philippines, along with other Southeast Asian nations, has disputes with China regarding these claims. The BrahMos missiles, known for their speed and precision, undoubtedly strengthen the Philippines’ military capabilities in the region.

The BrahMos acquisition marks a deeper strategic partnership between India and the Philippines. It’s the first export of the BrahMos missile by India, showcasing its growing defense industry and technological advancements. For the Philippines, it signifies a diversification of their military partnerships and access to advanced weaponry.

This development is likely to be closely watched by other countries in the region, particularly those with similar concerns regarding China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea.