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India’s defense establishment is taking a step forward in indigenous airborne surveillance technology. The Laboratory for Research and Development in Electronics (LRDE) and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Kanpur (Transport Aircraft Division or TAD) are reportedly planning a collaborative effort to integrate an X-band radar onto Dornier aircraft.

The centerpiece of this collaboration is LRDE’s X-band radar, designated HISAR (standing for High Accuracy Surveillance Active Radar). This all-weather, day-night microwave imaging system is designed for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

The chosen platform for this integration project is the Dornier DO-228, a versatile aircraft manufactured by HAL. Equipping a DO-228 with HISAR will allow for crucial testing phases. The primary purposes of this testing are:

  • Demonstration of Radar Functionality: Real-world flight tests will assess the effectiveness of HISAR’s radar imaging capabilities in an airborne environment.
  • Electrical Evaluation: Integration of HISAR onto the DO-228 will enable engineers to evaluate the compatibility and efficiency of the system’s electrical interfaces with the aircraft’s onboard systems.

This collaboration between LRDE and HAL holds promise for advancing India’s domestic capabilities in airborne ISR technology. Successful integration and testing of HISAR on the DO-228 could pave the way for its deployment on operational military aircraft, enhancing India’s aerial surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

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