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The Philippines, an archipelagic nation strategically located in the Western Pacific, is taking a significant stride towards bolstering its naval capabilities. With a focus on enhancing its maritime security and asserting its presence in the region, the Philippine Navy is considering the procurement of French-developed Scorpène class submarines. This potential acquisition marks a crucial milestone in the country’s quest to modernize its defence forces and safeguard its territorial waters.

A recent visit by a team of specialists to the facilities of the Naval Group in France signals the Philippines’ keen interest in exploring the option of locally constructing these state-of-the-art submarines under a license agreement. The Scorpène class submarines are renowned for their advanced technology, stealth capabilities, and operational flexibility, making them an attractive choice for countries seeking to strengthen their underwater warfare capabilities.

India’s state-owned Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) could play a pivotal role in supporting the Philippines’ submarine construction program. With its rich experience in building submarines, including the Scorpène class, MDL’s expertise could prove invaluable in providing logistical support and training for the crew tasked with constructing and operating these advanced underwater assets.

For the Philippines, the acquisition of Scorpène class submarines will usher in a new era of maritime defence and surveillance capabilities. These submarines can operate discreetly, conducting intelligence gathering, surveillance, and anti-submarine warfare operations with precision and stealth. This added capability will significantly augment the Philippine Navy’s ability to safeguard its waters and counter potential security threats.

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