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Philippine Navy (PN) is considering arming India’s BrahMos cruise missile on its guided missile frigates that it had procured from South Korea after the Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) ordered three Coastal batteries of the BrahMos cruise missiles in 2022 to provide counter-attack capabilities within the Philippine exclusive economic zone is set to take deliveries soon.

PMC is eagerly waiting for deliveries to commence from India after Philippine Marine Corps’ Coastal Defense Regiment (CDR) personnel completed training to operate BrahMos Coastal cruise missiles last month which has caught the attention of the PN that is considering equipping a ship-launched variant of its warships.

Jose Rizal-class frigate which is a heavily modified variant of the ROK Navy’s Incheon-class frigates is a platform that might be equipped with the ship-launched variant of the BrahMos that will provide enhanced deterrence against any attempt to undermine its sovereignty and sovereign rights in the region.

Jose Rizal-class frigates have a displacement of just over 2600tons which will limit the number of BrahMos they can carry to four but still provide enhanced firepower to the frigates considering Chinese warships have 4-5 more displacement but are still vulnerable to BrahMos.

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