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Indian Armed Forces have commenced taking deliveries of BrahMos with an Enhanced range of 450km from the previous range of 290km but BrahMos Aerospace already has commenced testing of the BrahMos-ER (Extended Range ) that will have a range of 800km and has plans for more tests.

BrahMos Aerospace has lined up more testing of the BrahMos-ER this year as the variant has a considerable upgrade and higher levels of Indigenization to the missile technology than the BrahMos Enhanced which has a 450km range.

Several systems are being upgraded for long-range mission profiles including its seeker, higher Mach 4 numbers and propulsion to get desired range of 800km. BrahMos-ER variants from Coastal Batteries to Ship-launched variant will be upgraded to the latest variant once it clears all developmental trials which will boost the counterfire range of Indian warships.

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