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Godrej Aerospace has started manufacturing 8 modules of the 48 kN Dry Kaveri Engine for the GTRE (Gas Turbine Research Establishment) that plans to complete last mile trials for the certification of the engine before it is cleared for production. idrw has been told that the Dry Kaveri engine program officially has entered Phase II with Purpose build engines that will be used for finetuning engine performance.

Two engines that were used to test the Dry Kaveri engine were from the older lot that was developed as a prototype for the Kaveri engine program and after various modifications it was used as a testbed engine for the program.

The next 5 engines to be manufactured and delivered from 2024 onwards are first-purpose build engines under the Dry Kaveri engine program that will incorporate modifications and changes that were tested on older engines. At least two engines will be earmarked for further simulated high altitude trials while two will be used to power the Unmanned Strike Platform that is under development before which GTRE plans to conclude all certification of the engine.

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