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BrahMos Aerospace is currently working on the development of the Next-Generation BrahMos, which will be smaller and lighter but still capable of delivering the same powerful punch with a range of 300km at a speed of Mach 3.5 that can overwhelm any air defence system. Along with plans to develop a hypersonic BrahMos missile that can reach speeds of Mach 6-7 in collaboration with Russia, the company is also focused on improving the performance of the BrahMos to maintain its competitive edge.

Since its first test in 2001 and subsequent production in 2004, BrahMos has undergone several improvements in range and capabilities. However, the speed of the supersonic cruise missile has remained around Mach 2.9 to this day. That is about to change.

BrahMos Aerospace is currently focused on increasing the speed of its liquid ramjet engine beyond Mach 4 and reaching the Lower Hypersonic speed range, which is typically reserved for projectiles that can fly above Mach 5.

The BrahMos missile maintains high speeds throughout its trajectory, making early interception more difficult. Its firing range is over the horizon, and it has fire-and-forget capabilities that simplify its use, enabling operators to quickly redeploy after firing without constant guidance.

Additionally, the missile can follow various trajectories based on the nature of the target and anticipated defences. For instance, it can use a high-low trajectory that takes up to 14km in the air or a sea-skimming trajectory that makes it harder to detect by enemy warships.

These capabilities greatly improve the missile’s versatility and effectiveness. However, as time passes, the missile may require increased speed to maintain its effectiveness. This is due to the emergence of new Interceptor technology that is possessed by only a few countries but may become more widespread in the future.

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