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Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF), a long-time supplier of small arms and ammunition, is facing stiff competition from India’s growing arms industry. This shift threatens POF’s market share, particularly in the Arab Gulf and Africa, where they traditionally held dominance.

For years, POF enjoyed a stable market of around $100 million annually. However, recent reports suggest a decline in sales due to concerns about ammunition quality. High rates of failure in Pakistani ammo have led traditional customers to seek alternatives.

In contrast, India’s Munitions India Limited (MIL) has emerged as a strong competitor. Their focus on automation has resulted in superior ammunition quality, attracting buyers like Saudi Arabia, who recently placed a record-breaking $225 million order for artillery.

The African continent, another traditional market for POF, is now witnessing a similar shift. Indian companies are making significant inroads, offering competitive prices and demonstrably high-quality products. Additionally, India’s willingness to offer Lines of Credit to African nations is further enticing buyers away from traditional suppliers like China, Russia, and Pakistan.

POF’s participation in the recent World Defence Show in Riyadh, where they were overshadowed by India’s success, highlights the rapid decline of POF. Modernization efforts and a renewed focus on quality control by POF to regain its footing in the international market has not taken place which is effecting its Market share.

India’s rise as a major arms exporter poses a significant threat to Pakistan’s established position.

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