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Pakistan’s Navy recently unveiled its latest acquisition, the Hangor-class submarines, built by China. These submarines come at a significantly lower price point compared to India’s planned procurements, raising questions about the strategic approaches of both nations.

Pakistan’s Hangor-class submarines boast a price tag of just $410 million each. This affordability comes with a caveat – the German MTU engines originally planned were denied export by Germany, leading to the use of Chinese diesel engines. While details are limited, these engines might have lower performance or require more frequent maintenance.

Pakistan plans to acquire eight Hangor-class submarines, with the possibility of expanding the fleet to 12. This move aims to replace their ageing French Agosta 70 submarines, which lack spare parts and support from the original manufacturer.

India, on the other hand, is prioritizing advanced features for its submarines. Their planned purchase of three additional Kalvari-class submarines with enhanced capabilities comes at a much steeper cost – a staggering $1 billion per unit. Additionally, India’s Project-75I aims to procure six more submarines, again exceeding $1 billion each.

While Pakistan’s Hangor-class submarines offer a budget-friendly option for fleet modernization, India’s planned acquisitions prioritize cutting-edge technology. This likely translates to superior performance in areas like stealth, sensor capability, and weapon systems.

In the race for submarine supremacy, Pakistan prioritizes affordability and fleet size, whereas India focuses on acquiring technologically advanced vessels. Ultimately, the effectiveness of these contrasting approaches will depend on the specific capabilities of each submarine and how they align with each nation’s strategic needs.

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