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Ordnance Factory Khamaria (OFK) has secured export orders for 40,000 L-70 ammunition cartridge cases and PDM 557 fuses. The L-70 ammunition cartridge cases will be exported to the European Union in December 2023, and an equal number of ammunition will be delivered by March 2024.

OFK has also received export orders for PDM 557 fuses, which will be exported to European, African, and other countries soon for use with 155 mm ammunition. European and African countries have expressed interest in the older version of the PDM 557 for use in their air defence systems as per their strategic requirements.

The L-70 ammunition cartridge case is a 40 mm ammunition case that is used in a variety of automatic grenade launchers, including the AG-40, Mk 19, and AGL-4. OFK is one of the leading manufacturers of L-70 ammunition cartridge cases in the world. The company’s L-70 ammunition cartridge cases are known for their high quality and reliability.

The PDM 557 fuse is a proximity fuse that is used with 155 mm artillery shells. The fuse is designed to detonate the shell when it is close to the target, maximizing the effectiveness of the shell. OFK is a leading manufacturer of PDM 557 fuses in the world. The company’s PDM 557 fuses are known for their accuracy and reliability.

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