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In a significant boost to the capabilities of the Indian Air Force (IAF), MBDA, a European missile manufacturer, has confirmed that integration work is underway to integrate its ASRAAM missiles onto the LCA-Tejas Mk1A fighter jet. This integration is expected to be completed soon and will significantly enhance the close-quarters combat capabilities of the LCA-Tejas.

Earlier this year LCA-Tejas tested fired and demonstrated its ability to operate Israeli Python-5 CCM. The ASRAAM and Python-5 are both considered to be among the best within-visual-range (WVR) missiles in the world.

The ASRAAM is a short-range air-to-air missile that is designed for use in dogfights. It is highly manoeuvrable and can engage targets at all angles, including those that are behind the launch aircraft. The Python-5 is an infrared-homing missile that is also designed for use in dogfights. It is a highly agile missile that can track targets with very high precision. The Python-5 has a proven track record in combat and has been used by the Israeli Air Force to shoot down numerous enemy aircraft.

The integration of the ASRAAM and Python-5 missiles onto the LCA-Tejas Mk1A will give the IAF a significant advantage over its adversaries. The LCA-Tejas is a lightweight fighter jet that is already known for its manoeuvrability. With the addition of the ASRAAM and Python-5 missiles, the LCA-Tejas will be even more formidable in close-quarters combat.

The IAF is also planning to integrate the MBDA Meteor, a medium-range air-to-air missile, onto the LCA-Tejas Mk1A. The Meteor is a highly advanced missile that can engage targets beyond visual range. The integration of the Meteor will give the LCA-Tejas the ability to engage enemy aircraft from long distances, further enhancing its capabilities.

The IAF is very pleased with the performance of the LCA-Tejas Mk1A and is confident that it will be a valuable asset to the service. The integration of the ASRAAM and Python-5 missiles will make the LCA-Tejas even more capable and will help to ensure the IAF’s air superiority.

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