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The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is set to implement stricter measures on the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) based on the recommendations of the The nine-member Vijay Raghavan Panel report. This move comes in response to concerns about delays in crucial defense projects.

A key finding of the panel highlights that a significant portion of the delays plaguing DRDO projects – an estimated 60% – can be attributed to internal inefficiencies within the organization. This suggests a need for streamlining processes and improving internal project management.

The report also acknowledges that 18% of delays stem from changes in requirements by the armed forces. This underlines the importance of clear communication and collaboration between the DRDO and the military throughout the development cycle.

The report reportedly encountered resistance from some DRDO scientists who favored maintaining the existing status quo. This highlights a potential need for a cultural shift within the organization to embrace a more efficient and accountable approach.

The recommendations of the Vijay Raghavan Panel serve as a wake-up call for the DRDO. By addressing internal inefficiencies and fostering better collaboration, the DRDO can ensure timely delivery of crucial defense equipment, bolstering India’s national security.