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Nibe Defence and Aerospace Limited has entered into an exciting technology transfer agreement with the Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (VRDE), a laboratory under the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). This partnership will bring to market innovative Expandable Mobile Shelters (EMS) designed by VRDE to revolutionize field operations for India’s defense forces.

Traditional mobile shelters offer valuable capabilities in the field but can be limited in terms of workspace, particularly when considering transportation requirements. VRDE’s EMS design directly addresses this challenge by providing substantially more workspace in the field while minimizing logistical burdens.

The EMS features a transformative design:

  • Compact Transport: When in the collapsed state, the EMS resembles a conventional transportable shelter, taking up minimal space on a vehicle chassis.
  • Expanded Workspace: The EMS utilizes a foldable panel mechanism that unfolds to expand the shelter on both sides. This triples the available workspace, creating a spacious and comfortable environment for various operational needs.
  • Material and Construction Made of lightweight aluminum with sandwich panel construction, the EMS balances strength with transportability.

The EMS has been positively received by numerous dignitaries and has been successfully demonstrated for Army Units in Hissar. User feedback has been highly encouraging, validating its suitability for forward operations.

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