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Artemon Aerospace, an Indian defense company, showcased its latest innovation, the Tactical Multirole airborne Loitering UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) named VAZRA, at the recently concluded Maharashtra Defence Expo.

Designed for air superiority, the VAZRA is a next-generation loitering UAV, powered by a micro turbojet engine and equipped with an integrated infrared (IR) camera. While details regarding its specifications remain undisclosed, company officials informed that the VAZRA is air-launched from other UAVs.

  • Next-generation technology: Company officials highlighted the VAZRA’s cutting-edge design, positioning it as a significant advancement in loitering UAV technology.
  • Micro turbojet engine: The UAV reportedly utilizes a micro turbojet engine, potentially offering advantages in terms of range, speed, and maneuverability compared to conventionally-powered loitering UAVs.
  • Integrated IR camera: The VAZRA is equipped with an integrated infrared camera, enabling enhanced situational awareness and target identification, particularly during low-light or nighttime operations.

While company officials emphasized the VAZRA’s air-launched nature, they did not disclose specifics concerning the launch platform or the UAV’s detailed specifications.

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