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A loud, unexplained sound caused panic among residents of Balasore and Bhadrak districts in Odisha on Friday afternoon, according to reliable reports. People in areas like Basudevpur (Bhadrak) and Nilagiri (Balasore) reported the sound being strong enough to shake doors and windows.

The origin of the sound remains a mystery, with authorities currently investigating the cause. This incident follows a similar occurrence yesterday that triggered widespread panic in Balasore.

Experts have suggested the possibility of a skyquake being the cause of these booms. Skyquakes are low-frequency sound phenomena with no readily identifiable source. They are often described as loud, booming noises that appear to originate from the sky, despite a clear sky with no clouds or lightning. The sound can be powerful enough to vibrate buildings and rattle windows. Comparisons are often drawn to cannon fire or sonic booms.

While the exact cause of these recent booms remains undetermined, the events have undoubtedly caused unease among residents. Authorities are actively working to identify the source and provide the public with answers.