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A video currently going viral on social media platform X has sparked a flurry of speculation and concern. The footage shows the remains of a missile, reportedly fired by Israeli aircraft at a United Nations shelter in Gaza, bearing the label “Made in India.” This has led to widespread debate and controversy regarding India’s involvement in the manufacturing and supply of weapons used in the ongoing conflict.

As the video gained traction online, many were quick to jump to conclusions about India’s role in supplying arms to Israel. The “Made in India” label visible on the missile remnants suggested to some viewers that India might be directly involved in providing weaponry used in the attack on the UN shelter. The video rapidly went viral, prompting intense scrutiny and calls for clarity from various quarters, including international observers and political analysts.

However, a closer examination by the Indian Defence Research Wing (IDRW) team has provided a more nuanced perspective. Upon detailed analysis of the video, it was noted that the missile debris bore the logo of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and a mention of the United States, which is not a weapons manufacturing company. This suggests that the component in question might be a small part supplied by an Indian company, integrated into a non-weapon system manufactured in the USA or it was Made in Indiana a state in US, instead of India.

India does not manufacture any Israeli weapons systems locally, particularly air-to-surface munitions. While Indian defense firms have increasingly collaborated with international defense companies, the specific production of Israeli missile systems does not occur on Indian soil. Adani Defence, for instance, does manufacture the Harop Israeli Loitering Munition, but there is no evidence to suggest that this particular system was used in the attack or exported for such purposes.

In this case, it appears that a part manufactured in India might have been included in a system produced in the USA and subsequently used by Israel. Or it read Indiana and locals confused it with India. Some are even wondering if the component is even part of any weapons since it was recovered from debris of a Shelter that might not be related to any weapons at all.

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