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Bengaluru-based Zulu Defence Systems Private Limited is making waves in the Indian defense sector with two innovative technologies: DRAP and HOVERBEE.

DRAP stands for “Deployable Recce & Attack Platform.” This revolutionary system is a hovering munition, essentially a flying weapon, powered by computer vision. With a payload capacity of up to 5kg, DRAP can carry various warheads and fuse options, offering a versatile solution for modern warfare. The computer vision guidance system suggests a high degree of autonomy and precision in target acquisition and engagement.

Zulu Defence Systems has also developed HOVERBEE, a breakthrough Portable Reconnaissance System (PRS). This innovative device can be launched and recovered using just the palm of the hand, making it ideal for swift deployment in critical situations. Potential applications for HOVERBEE include building interventions, where it can be used to scout environments before manned entry, and rapid situational awareness, providing real-time visual data to soldiers on the ground.

These developments by Zulu Defence Systems showcase the growing innovation within the Indian defense industry. DRAP’s hovering munition technology has the potential to redefine close-quarters combat and urban warfare, while HOVERBEE offers a compact and agile solution for reconnaissance missions. Both technologies demonstrate a focus on portability, ease of use, and battlefield adaptability.

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