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Chennai-based MRF is expanding its reach into the military-grade tire market with plans to develop and supply tires for Rafale M and TEDBF Deck-based fighter jets. This move comes after the company successfully developed nose wheel and main wheel tires for the Navy’s MiG-29K fighter jets.

MRF’s foray into military-grade tires began in 2014 when it developed tires for the Su-30MKI and MiG-29UPG fighter jets. The company has since developed tires for the Tejas Mk1A and Tejas MkII fighter jets, as well as the IL-76 Transporter, P-8I MPA Aircraft, Seaking, ALH-Dhruv, and Chetak helicopters.

The development of tires for military-grade aircraft is a complex process that requires extensive testing and validation. MRF’s tires must meet stringent requirements for performance, durability, and safety in demanding operational environments.

“Developing tires for military aircraft is a matter of great pride for MRF,” said a company spokesperson. “We are committed to providing the Indian armed forces with the highest quality tires to meet their operational needs.”

MRF’s expansion into the military-grade tire market is a significant achievement for the company. It demonstrates the company’s technical capabilities and its commitment to serving the Indian defence industry.

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