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As the nation eagerly awaits the grand spectacle of the Republic Day Parade in 2024, the Defense Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL) in Hyderabad is preparing to leave a lasting impression with a stunning tableau showcasing a myriad of defense innovations. This tableau promises to be a remarkable visual representation of India’s cutting-edge defense capabilities, capturing the essence of the nation’s commitment to self-reliance and technological advancement in the defense sector.

At the heart of this tableau is a dynamic mount missiles display, featuring meticulously crafted models of various missile systems developed by DRDO. These missile models are strategically positioned on a rotatable stand, allowing them to rotate 360 degrees without touching each other. The tableau’s floor will be transformed to simulate a desert landscape, emphasizing the versatility of India’s defense technology.

Adding a touch of realism to the tableau is a strategically placed mannequin demonstrating the firing of the MPATGM (Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile) as per the approved design. This element not only showcases the lethal precision of India’s missile systems but also pays homage to the skill and expertise of the defense personnel.

The tableau features a comprehensive display of defense achievements, including ASTRA missiles, TEJAS, ASAT (Anti-Satellite Missile), QRSAM (Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile), HELINA (Helicopter-launched Nag Missile), AGNI (India’s long-range ballistic missile), NASM with a ship target, VSHORADS Missile with Tripod, semiconductor fabrication, AESA radar (Active Electronically Scanned Array radar), EW Shakti (Electronic Warfare System), and Cyber technology display models. This panoramic view underscores the diverse facets of India’s defense capabilities, ranging from air defense to electronic warfare and cyber security.

To showcase India’s growing prowess in the realm of cyber technology, the tableau incorporates two sets of cyber technology displays, featuring female live artists who will bring the digital world to life. This highlights the critical role of cyber defense in the modern era.

A command and control center, visible from both sides of the tableau, is a focal point. This feature, complete with a female live artist, exemplifies the coordination and decision-making that underpins India’s defense operations.

As India celebrates its 75th Republic Day, DRDO’s tableau promises to be a captivating and informative showcase of the nation’s defense prowess. It’s a testament to the dedication and innovation of the scientists and engineers at DRDL who work tirelessly to bolster the country’s defense capabilities.

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