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According to the Navy’s statement, this edition of MILAN saw the active involvement of 35 units, including ships, submarines, and aircraft. Notably, 13 ships and one aircraft from Friendly Foreign Countries joined the sea phase, marking a significant international participation.

A noteworthy aspect of this year’s exercise was the simultaneous presence of two naval aircraft carriers, INS Vikrant and Vikramaditya, marking a historic moment in MILAN’s history. All 35 participating units convened at the anchorage off Visakhapatnam, with Commanding Officers gathering onboard INS Vikrant for the closing ceremony, as per the Navy’s report.

During the closing ceremony, participants engaged in a debriefing session regarding the operational aspects of the Sea Phase. This provided an opportunity for the participating navies to interact, exchange views, and bolster mutual understanding and interoperability by sharing experiences and best practices, the Navy highlighted.

The culmination of the Sea Phase of Milan aboard INS Vikrant not only symbolizes the successful execution of the naval exercise but also underscores the importance of international cooperation and collaboration in enhancing maritime security and promoting peace and stability in the region.