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A civilian team from India has embarked on a crucial mission in the Maldives, tasked with assuming control of one of three aviation platforms ahead of the March 10 deadline set for the withdrawal of Indian military personnel. This significant development marks a pivotal phase in the ongoing transition process between the two nations, signifying the culmination of longstanding military cooperation and the initiation of civilian stewardship.

The arrival of the Indian civilian team in Addu signals the commencement of the takeover process, underscoring the meticulous planning and coordination essential for the seamless transfer of responsibilities. With precision and diligence, the team is poised to assume operational control of the aviation platform, marking a symbolic shift from military to civilian oversight.

Central to the transition process is the conduct of test flights, a critical step aimed at assessing the operational readiness and functionality of the aviation platform. These test flights serve as a litmus test, ensuring that the helicopter is primed for optimal performance before embarking on its journey to India for necessary repairs and maintenance.