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MBDA UK is actively pursuing opportunities to collaborate with the Indian Air Force (IAF) and integrate its advanced weaponry into the Indian-developed Tejas Mk1A and Mk2 fighter jets. This collaboration would bring together MBDA’s cutting-edge missile technology with India’s indigenous fighter aircraft capabilities.

MBDA has already offered India its ASRAAM and Meteor beyond visual range air-to-air missiles, and now aims to introduce its next-generation SPEAR and Brimstone missiles. These missiles would provide the Tejas fighter jets with enhanced precision strike capabilities.

SPEAR is a next-generation air-launched surface attack weapon designed to operate in challenging environments, including adverse weather conditions and against sophisticated countermeasures. Its beyond-horizon range allows aircraft to engage targets while remaining safely away from hostile air defense systems.

Brimstone is a combat-proven, low collateral damage, close air support weapon that can effectively engage a wide range of targets, including fast-moving vehicles, vessels, and both land and naval targets. It can be deployed in both direct and indirect attack modes.

The integration of MBDA’s SPEAR and Brimstone missiles into the Tejas Mk1A and Mk2 fighter jets would significantly enhance the IAF’s operational capabilities and provide it with advanced precision strike options. This collaboration is a testament to the growing strategic partnership between India and the UK in the defense sector.

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