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Advanced Weapons & Equipment India Ltd. (AW&EIL) will be showcasing its advanced weaponry and equipment at the 3rd Egypt Defence Expo (EDEX-2023), the largest Defence and Security Exhibition in North Africa, scheduled for December 4-7, 2023.

EDEX-2023 is a crucial platform for AW&EIL to showcase its capabilities and connect with potential customers in the Middle East and Africa. The company will be offering a range of products, including the Dhanush 155mmX45 Calibre Gun and a variety of small arms ammunition, specifically developed and tailored for the Middle East and African markets.

AW&EIL also manufactures a wide range of small arms ammunition, including rifles, pistols, and machine guns. The company is known for its high-quality ammunition that meets international standards.

AW&EIL is a leading Indian company with a strong commitment to developing and manufacturing advanced weapons and equipment. The company’s participation in EDEX-2023 underscores its dedication to providing reliable and cutting-edge solutions to its customers worldwide.

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