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In January, a Marine fighter jet involved in Top Gun training experienced an unfortunate incident at a Nevada Navy installation when it took a nosedive while parked. The aircraft, an F-35C Lighting II from the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing’s Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 311, suffered a collapse of the nose landing gear on Jan. 26 at Naval Air Station Fallon.

Marine Corps Times received confirmation of the incident from Marine spokesman Capt. Stephanie Leguizamon via email on Tuesday. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and the jet will be returned to service following repairs, as stated by Leguizamon.

Naval Air Station Fallon, often synonymous with Top Gun, hosts the elite Navy Fighter Weapons School, where advanced air combat maneuvering tactics and techniques are taught.

The incident occurred after the F-35C had completed a routine training mission in support of the U.S. Navy’s Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program. Social media platforms circulated images of the jet with its nose on the ground earlier in February, with The Aviationist being the first to report the incident.