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Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, the leader of ‘Sikhs for Justice’, has sparked controversy by releasing a video message allegedly advocating for the kidnapping of ministers and the forceful release of radical Sikh preacher Amritpal Singh from jail. Amritpal Singh has been in custody since April last year, facing charges including attempted murder, and is currently held in a special cell at Dibrugarh jail in Assam.

In the video, Pannun, who is also labeled as a designated terrorist, purportedly provides instructions on how to orchestrate Amritpal’s release. According to reliable intelligence sources, Pannun is advising individuals on methods to assault jails and has even referenced a union minister and his son as potential targets for abduction in his discourse.

This alarming message from Pannun serves as a call to action for his followers, suggesting violent and illegal means to achieve their objectives. By exploiting the plight of Amritpal Singh, Pannun is attempting to mobilize public sentiment towards criminal activities, including attacking government institutions and abducting officials.

The dissemination of such dangerous rhetoric not only threatens the rule of law but also jeopardizes the safety and security of individuals and institutions. It is imperative for law enforcement agencies to remain vigilant and take necessary measures to counteract any attempts to incite violence and lawlessness.

The release of this video underscores the ongoing challenges posed by extremist elements and the importance of robust counterterrorism efforts to safeguard the democratic fabric of society. It is crucial for authorities to investigate and address the propagation of such inflammatory messages, ensuring accountability and upholding the principles of justice and security for all citizens.