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In a significant move towards self-reliance in defense equipment, India has signed a deal with Swedish defense major Saab to produce the Carl Gustaf M4 weapon system within the country. This agreement, announced on May 25, 2024, is a major boost to India’s “Make in India” initiative and will equip its armed forces with a next-generation shoulder-launched multi-purpose weapon.

The Carl-Gustaf is a man-portable, multi-role weapon system developed by Swedish defense manufacturer Saab. It is widely acclaimed for its robustness, ease of use, and adaptability to various combat situations.

The local production of the Carl-Gustaf will significantly enhance the Indian Armed Forces’ combat readiness. The weapon system’s versatility and effectiveness make it a critical tool for infantry units, providing them with the capability to tackle a wide range of threats on the battlefield.

The Carl Gustaf M4 adds another dimension to India’s growing arsenal of domestically produced weaponry. This agreement signifies India’s commitment to modernizing its military with advanced and reliable equipment.

The success of this project will be crucial in determining the future scope of the “Make in India” initiative within the defense sector. It paves the way for potential future collaborations on other weapon systems, making India a more self-sufficient military power.