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Leonardo, the Italian aerospace and defense giant (formerly known as Finmeccanica), has re-entered the Indian civil aviation market following the lifting of a ban imposed in 2014.

The company, which was embroiled in a VVIP helicopter bribery scandal involving AgustaWestland choppers, has partnered with Universal Vulkaan Aviation Pte. Limited to distribute its AW109, AW139, and AW169 helicopter models in India. This marks a significant development for both parties as Leonardo seeks to re-establish its presence in the growing Indian market.

The ban on Leonardo, which stemmed from the AgustaWestland scandal, was lifted in 2021. Since then, the company has undergone a significant restructuring and rebranding effort, aiming to move on from past controversies. This new partnership with Universal Vulkaan Aviation Pte. Limited signifies a step forward in Leonardo’s efforts to rebuild trust and engage in responsible business practices within the Indian market.

The AW109, AW139, and AW169 helicopters are versatile machines designed for various purposes, including corporate travel, tourism, and emergency medical services. Their introduction to the Indian market is expected to provide operators with additional options and potentially drive competition within the sector.