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A report by India’s Military Intelligence has raised concerns about a potential security breach involving Aadhaar cards in Kerala. The report alleges that over 50,000 refugees from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar currently residing in Kerala may be using fake Aadhaar cards.

According to the report, these fraudulent Aadhaar cards were obtained by infiltrating enrolment centers in several locations. The specific centers mentioned include Madhupur and Nagaon in Assam, Kalimpong, Nadia, and Uttar Dinajpur in West Bengal, and Perumbavoor in Kerala itself.

The Military Intelligence report goes beyond the issue of refugees. It also suggests that Indian citizens facing criminal charges are acquiring fake Aadhaar cards to potentially leave the country undetected.

The presence of a large number of undocumented refugees poses a potential threat to national security. Further investigation is crucial to determine the extent of the network and the motives of the refugees involved.

This situation demands a multi-pronged approach. Law enforcement agencies need to crack down on the fake Aadhaar card racket, while the government must revisit Aadhaar enrollment protocols and implement stricter verification measures. Only through a comprehensive response can the authorities address this security challenge effectively.