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A mechanic from Kerala, Jayesh, has been awarded a patent for his innovative design of a twin magazine rifle. This invention has the potential to be a valuable asset for the Indian defence sector.

Jayesh’s design modifies the standard single magazine rifle used by security forces and the military. Currently, soldiers must reload manually once their magazine is empty during combat. This critical process can waste valuable time and leave soldiers vulnerable.

The key feature of the twin magazine rifle is its two magazines, allowing for uninterrupted firing without reloading. This innovation can significantly improve a soldier’s efficiency and reaction time in a combat situation.

According to the report, Jayesh’s design has caught the attention of the Army Design Bureau, who are currently examining its technical aspects and feasibility for real-world use.

This invention highlights the ingenuity and talent present within India’s civilian population. If successfully implemented, Jayesh’s twin magazine rifle could provide a significant advantage to Indian soldiers on the battlefield.