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Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (Keltron), a public sector undertaking, has secured a significant order worth ?97 crore from the Indian Navy. This contract involves the manufacturing of various critical defense electronics equipment for the Navy’s underwater operations.

Keltron will leverage its diverse manufacturing capabilities to fulfill this order. The Keltron Equipment Complex at Karakulam, Keltron Controls at Aroor, and the subsidiary company Keltron Electro Ceramics Limited will all be involved in the production process.

Industries Minister P. Rajeeve commended Keltron’s manufacturing excellence, attributing this major order to the company’s proven track record. One of the key elements of the order is Keltron’s proprietary low-frequency processing modules for sonar arrays.

These modules play a vital role in underwater detection and identification of submarines and ships. Keltron’s technology offers the advantage of detecting targets at extended distances, providing the Navy with a strategic edge.

The order encompasses a wider range of electronic equipment crucial for the Navy’s underwater operations. This includes:

  • Echo sounders for precise measurement of seawater depth.
  • Electromagnetic logs for accurate ship speed calculations.
  • Data distribution units for efficient information management within sonar systems.
  • Power amplifiers to enhance the sonar’s effectiveness in anti-submarine warfare for shallow waters.