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Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited (KSSL), a subsidiary of Bharat Forge, has proposed acquiring a majority stake in Zorya Mashproekt India Private Limited (ZMI), a domestic company specializing in gas turbine engine technology. This move comes amidst renewed urgency to foster indigenous capabilities in this critical field, fueled by the war in Ukraine disrupting imports from the company’s Ukrainian parent, Zorya-Mashproekt.

The Indian Navy, a major user of Zorya-Mashproekt GTEs for its warships, has been impacted by the war in Ukraine. Potential disruptions in supply and maintenance could jeopardize operational readiness. This vulnerability highlights the importance of developing a domestic GTE ecosystem, reducing dependence on foreign suppliers and ensuring long-term operational sustainability.

ZMI plays a crucial role in India’s defence sector, developing and servicing gas turbine engines that power various naval vessels. With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine disrupting supply chains from Zorya-Mashproekt, securing domestic alternatives has become a strategic imperative. KSSL’s proposed acquisition aims to address this gap, bolstering India’s self-reliance in gas turbine engine technology.

By acquiring ZMI, KSSL intends to leverage its existing expertise in engineering and manufacturing to further build ZMI’s capabilities. This could include expanding ZMI’s services to encompass not only repairs and overhauls but also the development of new, indigenous gas turbine engines for Indian defence needs.

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