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Flying Wedge Defence & Aerospace, a Bangalore-based startup, has sparked interest with its development of the Narakyaan, a high-speed drone designed for counter-drone operations. Boasting an impressive 200 km/h cruise speed and a devastating 320 km/h dive attack capability, Narakyaan aims to provide a potent solution against enemy drones.

Flying Wedge Defence & Aerospace has not yet disclosed the full technical specifications or timeline for Narakyaan’s operational deployment. However, the drone’s potential capabilities and the growing demand for counter-drone solutions make it a significant development in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Key Features of Narakyaan:

  • High-Speed Maneuverability: Narakyaan’s ability to switch from a steady 200 km/h cruise to a lightning-fast 320 km/h dive attack is its defining characteristic. This agility makes it highly effective in engaging and neutralizing enemy drones, particularly those with slower response times.
  • Anti-Jamming Capabilities: The drone reportedly incorporates features that resist electronic jamming attempts, ensuring uninterrupted communication and control during critical missions.
  • AI-Powered Onboard Processing: Narakyaan boasts onboard AI processing capabilities, potentially enabling autonomous target identification, tracking, and engagement, reducing reliance on ground control and enhancing response time.
  • Endurance and Range: With a 10-minute maximum endurance and a 5 km line-of-sight horizontal range, Narakyaan offers sufficient operational time and coverage for most counter-drone scenarios.
  • Compact and Lethal: Despite its impressive capabilities, Narakyaan remains relatively compact with an 800-gram takeoff weight and dimensions of 185 x 135 x 80 mm. This compactness allows for easy deployment and manoeuvrability in confined spaces.
  • Ammunition Capable: The drone is designed to be equipped with ammunition, adding an offensive dimension to its counter-drone role. This feature necessitates careful consideration of responsible use and adherence to international regulations governing weaponized drones.

Narakyaan’s Potential Applications:

  • Securing sensitive sites like military installations, critical infrastructure, and government buildings from drone intrusions.
  • Providing air defence support for ground troops in counter-drone operations.
  • Assisting in search and rescue missions in disaster zones or remote areas.
  • Conducting aerial reconnaissance and surveillance tasks.

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