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A recent video released by the Bharat Shakti defense website on their factory tour of the Kalyani Group showcasing their unique Multi-terrain Artillery Gun (MArG) 155mm 39 calibre gun system. Notably, the video features a MArG 155 – BR variant equipped with what appears to be an autoloader system, a significant development compared to previous iterations.

The autoloader, if confirmed, would eliminate the need for manual loading of shells and charges into the gun, potentially improving firing efficiency and crew safety. This advancement aligns with the ongoing trend of automation in artillery systems.

The video also showcases newly manufactured MArG 155 – BR units, some of which are already being delivered to Armenia via Iran as part of a 2023 contract. However, it remains unclear whether the autoloader-equipped MArG 155 is intended for Armenia or for the Indian Army, which is currently evaluating the system through trials.

The potential addition of an autoloader to the MArG 155 – BR signifies Kalyani Group’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in their artillery offerings. Whether this development is destined for the Indian Army or export remains to be seen, but it certainly highlights the evolving capabilities of this unique artillery system.

MArG 155 – BR: Key Features

  • Unique Design: Notably, the MArG 155 – BR remains the world’s only 155mm 39 calibre gun system mounted on a 4×4 HMV.
  • Mobility: It boasts a 30-degree gradient negotiation capability, earning it the nickname “go anywhere gun.” This translates to exceptional maneuverability in challenging terrains.
  • Firing Capability: The MArG 155 – BR offers a “shoot and scoot” capability, allowing for rapid deployment, firing, and relocation, minimizing vulnerability.
  • Weight and Ammunition: The fully kitted gun weighs approximately 18 tons and carries 18 rounds of on-board ammunition with Zone 5 protection.
  • Deployment Time: The system boasts a quick deployment time, taking only 1.5 minutes during the day and 2 minutes at night to become operational.

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