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The Indian Navy showcased an interesting training solution at the recent MILAN Technical Exposition (MTEX 2024). The Naval Armament Depot utilized a decommissioned Russian-supplied Kh-35E (Kh-35E, 3M-24E) anti-ship missile, repurposed as a sea-skimming target for air defense drills.

The Kh-35E, typically launched from ships or aircraft, was employed in this instance as a low-flying practice target for other warships. These targets, skimming just below 10 meters above the water, simulate real-world anti-ship missile threats, allowing crews to hone their air defense systems and missile interception skills.

Kh-35E missile boasts several features such as a Body, active radar seeker, high-explosive fragmentation penetrator warhead, self-destruct system, inertial navigation system, radio altimeter, air intake, fuel system, turbofan engine, and solid-state rocket booster.

Repurposing decommissioned missiles offers a cost-effective alternative to developing entirely new target drones. The Kh-35E’s low-flying profile replicates the behavior of actual sea-skimming missiles, providing a more realistic training scenario for ship crews. Reusing existing hardware minimizes waste and promotes environmental responsibility.

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