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The Pune-based Kalyani Group is looking to bag its first export order for its Bharat 52, a 155 mmx52 cal towed howitzer that is based on a GC-45 howitzer, developed by Austrian Maschinenfabrik Liezen (MFL) 155 mm, 45-caliber gun which Kalyani had acquired including its technical know.

Bharat-52 which costs around 13-14cr per unit will see the supply of 70-80 guns to the former operator of the GC-45 howitzer. Saudi Arabia’s Military carried out trials in 2020 and was impressed with the major improvements that were done on the baseline GC-45 howitzer that Saudi Military is familiar with as it still operates them. can confirm that Kalyani is also in talks with some African countries that have shown interest in the gun and soon talks and trials of the gun might be carried out. Bharat 52 orders coming from the export market will certainly boost its chances in the International arena since it is a relatively cheaper option and also comes with new-age technologies to improve its accuracy on the battlefield.

Kalyani is presently expanding its manufacturing facility and plans to manufacture one gun a day in the next 3 years which will include 4-5 different types of howitzer that the company has developed for the Indian military and exports.

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