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Hindustan Lead in fighter Trainer (HLFT-42) will not be based on the old twin-engine Advanced Trainer Jet (AJT) called HJT-39 concept that was on offer by State-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in the mid-2000s. The HJT-39 concept was offered as a cheaper low-cost alternative to the BAe Hawk 132 but instead will be a clean slate design, but it failed to get IAF onboard as IAF didn’t want two AJTs types in its fleet. has been told that HLFT-42 Supersonic Trainer aircraft with a 5.5-6ton All-up-weight (AUW), in a single engine configuration will max out at 1.4Mach. But the final configuration is still being worked out and there might be some changes till the design is frozen. HLFT-42 will be an in-house program of the HAL and efforts are being made to be distant from LCA-Tejas Trainer aircraft even though it is also on offer as LCA-LIFT to the IAF.

While HAL is tightlipped about its engine selection to be used for the HLFT-42, Information coming is that it will not be based on the F404-IN20 that is used to power LCA-Tejas Mk1/1A aircraft, Kaveri Dry with After Burner can generate 73kN Class of thrust but that will depend if it can clear its High-altitude trials and get its final certification in next 5 years.

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