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Japan is exploring the export of advanced communication antennas for warships to India, according to a Nikkei report. The antenna system, dubbed “UNICORN,” is a collaborative effort by Japanese firms including electronics giant NEC and Yokohama Rubber.

The antenna system, dubbed “UNICORN,” is a technological marvel developed by a consortium of Japanese firms including NEC, a leading electronics manufacturer, and Yokohama Rubber. The UNICORN, formally known as the NORA-50 antenna, is known for its distinctive horn-shaped design that integrates multiple antennas into a single, stealthy structure. This innovative design is currently deployed on Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force escort vessels (FFMs).

The UNICORN system, currently deployed on Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force vessels, boasts a unique design. Multiple antennas are housed within a horn-shaped structure, contributing to the ship’s overall stealth profile. This innovative design also enhances the effectiveness of radio wave detection, allowing crews to track missiles and drones across a broader range.

If successful, this export agreement could mark a significant step forward in Japan’s growing defense industry and its strategic partnership with India.

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