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Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ), a unit of the Ministry of Defence’s Armoured Vehicles Nigam Ltd (AVNL), has successfully completed the delivery of the latest batch of Mine Protected Vehicles (MPVs) to the Indian Army. The vehicles were flagged off from the VFJ Jabalpur Unit by the CGM (General Manager) ahead of schedule.

The MPV provides vital protection for soldiers on the battlefield. Its robust design features a monocoque hull and cabin constructed from high-grade steel alloy. This, combined with the distinct “V” shaped hull, effectively shields occupants from ballistic threats and mine blasts. The “V” shape also offers a practical advantage by allowing for easier replacement of axles and other crucial components in field conditions.

At the heart of the MPV lies a powerful HA57 L135/5 turbo-charged and inter-cooled inline diesel engine, generating 135 KW of power at 2400 rpm. The vehicle’s 4×4 drivetrain provides superior off-road capability, with the option to switch to a 4×2 configuration for better fuel efficiency on paved roads.

This impressive 11,880 kg Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) machine can accommodate a crew of 10 soldiers along with a driver and co-driver. Alternatively, it can be configured to carry a 20-liter drinking water tank, enhancing its versatility in various operational environments.