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In a significant blow to Iran’s military capabilities, roughly 50% of the ballistic missiles fired at Israel during Saturday’s attack failed to launch or crashed before reaching their targets, according to three U.S. officials.

Officials estimate Iran launched between 115 and 130 ballistic missiles, aiming to overwhelm Israel’s air defense systems. However, when pressed for details about the strikes, they revealed that only about half were successfully intercepted. The remaining missiles malfunctioned in flight and never posed a threat to Israel.

“This incident significantly undermines Iran’s vaunted ballistic missile program,” stated a U.S. official, highlighting the ineffectiveness of a large portion of the Iranian arsenal.

This development comes amidst heightened tensions between Iran and Israel. The failed missile attack follows recent Israeli strikes in Syria believed to have targeted Iranian officials. The international community is now closely monitoring the situation, with the United Nations Security Council scheduled for an emergency meeting to discuss the escalating conflict.