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Bharat Forge, led by Chairman and Managing Director Baba Kalyani, has taken a significant step forward in artillery innovation with the development of a 155mm 39 calibre truck-mounted gun system. This news comes alongside the revelation that the company is already working on an even more powerful variant – a 155mm 45 calibre truck-mounted gun system.

The 39 calibre system boasts a 4×4 wheeled truck platform, offering high mobility and adaptability for various terrains. This design has already proven its worth, securing a substantial 72-unit order from Armenia. The Indian Army has also shown interest, in conducting trials to assess its performance in diverse Indian landscapes.

While details remain scarce, Kalyani hinted at the development of a 45-calibre truck-mounted gun system. This system is likely based on the company’s existing MArG 155-ER towed howitzer design, potentially with some downgrades for increased mobility on a truck platform. Whether this development caters to the specific requirements of the Indian Army or an export client is yet to be confirmed.

The timeline for the 45 calibre system’s firing trials remains undisclosed. However, Bharat Forge’s commitment to innovation in this domain is evident. These advancements position the company as a frontrunner in developing next-generation mobile artillery solutions for India and the global arms market.

Bharat Forge already has developed an ATAGS-based 155mm 52 calibre truck-mounted gun system and a 155mm 45 calibre truck-mounted gun system might be to cater to the export Market.

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