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CREDIT Damien Symon@detresfa_

The Indian Navy’s ambitious Project Seabird at INS Kadamba is witnessing significant progress, marking a crucial step towards bolstering India’s strategic and security interests in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). This large-scale project focuses on major upgrades and capacity expansion at the naval base, transforming it into a vital hub for the Indian Navy’s operations.

Located in Karwar, Karnataka, INS Kadamba is strategically positioned on the Arabian Sea coast. Project Seabird represents a comprehensive modernization initiative aimed at transforming the base into a premier naval facility.

This project encompasses several key aspects:

Infrastructure Expansion: The project envisions a significant expansion of the base’s infrastructure, including new docks, piers, and support facilities. This will allow INS Kadamba to accommodate a larger number and wider variety of warships, enhancing operational flexibility.

Enhanced Capacity: The project also aims to increase the base’s capacity for repairs and maintenance. This includes the development of advanced repair facilities and the potential for an increase in personnel to handle complex logistical and technical tasks.

Improved Logistics: Streamlined logistics and supply chains are another focus area. This will ensure faster turnaround times for vessels, allowing them to spend more time deployed at sea.

An upgraded INS Kadamba will enable the Indian Navy to maintain a stronger and more persistent presence in the IOR. This will deter potential adversaries and reassure allies of India’s commitment to regional security.

The enhanced capacity for repairs and maintenance will allow the Navy to respond more swiftly to maritime threats or emergencies. This will contribute to a more stable and secure IOR environment. The base’s ability to accommodate larger warships and provide logistical support will bolster India’s power projection capabilities in the region. This will strengthen India’s position as a net security provider in the IOR.