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Indian industrial powerhouse Bharat Forge, under the leadership of Baba Kalyani, has announced a significant expansion in its artillery gun manufacturing capabilities. The company has established the capacity to produce 12 artillery guns per month, with the potential to scale up to a staggering 30 – a move that positions them to become the world’s largest artillery gun manufacturer by production capacity.

This ambitious move comes amidst a backdrop of limited orders for Bharat Forge’s artillery systems. While they’ve secured an export order for their MarG 155/39 Mounted Gun System (MGS) to Armenia and are part of the consortium developing the ATAGS 155/52mm gun, a crucial domestic order from the Indian Army remains elusive.

The Indian Army has expressed a requirement for 307 ATAGS guns, a project Bharat Forge is jointly developing with Tata Group. However, the production of these guns will be split in a 60:40 ratio between the two companies, limiting Bharat Forge’s potential output.

Despite the lack of a confirmed large-scale order from the Indian Army, Bharat Forge’s capacity expansion reflects a strategic vision for the global market. Their aim seems to be to position themselves as a dominant force in artillery gun production, catering to the needs of countries seeking advanced weaponry.

Whether Bharat Forge can capitalize on their newly established production capacity hinges on securing substantial orders. The Indian Army’s decision on the ATAGS program and potential export deals will be crucial factors in determining their success. With global demand for artillery systems on the rise, Bharat Forge’s gamble on becoming the world’s largest producer could prove to be a masterstroke, but only time will tell if they can secure the orders needed to justify this ambitious move.