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IndiGo, India’s largest airline, is fast-tracking its venture into electric air taxis with a target to launch by 2026. The airline, under the parent company InterGlobe Enterprises, has partnered with California-based Archer Aviation to bring 200 eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft to India. These aircraft, valued at $1 billion, aim to revolutionize urban mobility by significantly reducing travel times in congested cities. Recent visits by IndiGo’s leadership to Archer’s headquarters underscore their commitment to this innovative project.

IndiGo and Archer’s collaboration includes the development of ‘Midnight,’ a piloted, four-passenger eVTOL designed for quick, successive flights with minimal charge time. This initiative not only promises to alleviate urban congestion but also marks a significant step toward sustainable aviation.

Archer is in the final stages of securing FAA approval in the U.S., with plans to begin trials in India next year, pending regulatory clearances. The goal is to offer rapid, efficient air transport, drastically cutting down travel times within urban areas, such as the proposed seven-minute flight from Delhi’s Connaught Place to Gurugram.

This strategic move positions IndiGo at the forefront of the burgeoning eVTOL market, highlighting its innovative approach to enhancing urban mobility and addressing traffic woes with environmentally friendly solutions.