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The Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) has issued a tender for a crucial analysis project related to the integration of the Astra Mk-I air-to-air missile on the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA). This project focuses on ensuring the reliability and safety of this integration.

The tender calls for a “Reliability And Safety Analysis For Astra Mk-I Integration On Lca.” This analysis will play a vital role in minimizing potential risks associated with the Astra missile’s integration into the LCA fighter jet.

A specific area of focus within the tender is the “Risk Assessment of Commanded Non-Jettison and Non-Release of Astra Missile in Flight.” This entails analyzing the potential risks and consequences of four specific scenarios:

  1. Commanded Jettison Failure: This scenario explores the situation where the pilot commands the missile to be jettisoned (dropped) in an emergency, but the jettison mechanism malfunctions and the missile remains attached to the aircraft.
  2. Non-Commanded Jettison: This scenario examines the possibility of an unintended jettison of the missile from the aircraft while it’s still armed and carried.
  3. Commanded Launch Failure: This situation dives into the potential risks if the pilot issues a launch command for the missile, but the launch mechanism fails, and the missile remains on the aircraft.
  4. Non-Commanded Launch: This scenario explores the highly unlikely situation where the missile launches from the aircraft without any pilot input or command.

By thoroughly analyzing these potential failure modes, the project aims to identify potential hazards and develop mitigation strategies. This will ensure the safe and reliable operation of the Astra Mk-I missile when integrated with the LCA fighter jet.

The safe and reliable integration of weaponry onto fighter aircraft is paramount for pilot safety and mission success. This tender highlights ADA’s commitment to a meticulous approach, ensuring a smooth and hazard-free integration of the Astra Mk-I missile with the LCA.

The successful completion of this project will pave the way for the safe deployment of the Astra Mk-I missile on the LCA, bolstering the Indian Air Force’s air combat capabilities.

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