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Solar Explosives, a private Indian defence company, is poised to make a significant contribution to the country’s indigenous missile program. The company has developed two long-range rocket systems and awaits approval from the Indian Army to proceed.

Solar Explosives has taken a commendable step by investing its funds in developing these new missile systems. While this demonstrates the company’s commitment to advancing India’s defence capabilities and potentially becoming a key player in the domestic missile industry, it also hit Army Wall that also has asked DRDO to develop Pinaka III with range that are similar to what Solar Explosives wanted to develop.

The first proposal submitted by Solar Explosives in 2022 involves a 130-150km range Guided Pinaka Multi-Barrel Rocket Launch (MBRL) system. This system offers a significant improvement over the existing Pinaka system, extending its reach and likely incorporating guidance capabilities for increased precision.

Solar Explosives’ ambition doesn’t stop there. The company has also proposed a new 250km range cruise missile. This missile presents itself as a potentially cost-effective alternative to the existing BrahMos supersonic cruise missile.

The proposed cruise missile would forgo a seeker technology, a crucial component for terminal guidance, but would likely retain some level of guidance capability. This trade-off could significantly reduce the missile’s cost, with Chairman Nuwal estimating a price tag of only 8 crores compared to the BrahMos’ reported 40 crores.

If approved, these proposals from Solar Explosives hold the potential to significantly boost India’s domestic missile development program. The company’s innovative approach, coupled with its willingness to invest its resources, could pave the way for a more robust and cost-effective indigenous missile industry.

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