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Airbus and BAE Systems, the makers of the Eurofighter Typhoon, are addressing concerns about the jet’s lifespan in their bid for India’s Medium Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft (MRFA) tender. Speculation swirled after news that the next-generation Tempest fighter jet program could replace Typhoons in Italy and the UK by 2040.

However, Airbus and BAE System officials have informed that the Eurofighter will remain operational well past that date, potentially until 2060 not only in the Partner country but also with Export Operators like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. They emphasize the jet’s adaptability and ongoing upgrades, ensuring its continued relevance in the coming decades.

The UK government recently highlighted the Eurofighter’s value as a “fourth-generation” combat aircraft. They stressed its ability to provide “mass and resilience” beyond its projected out-of-service date. This “mass and resilience” likely refer to the jet’s ability to maintain a strong presence and operational capability in large numbers, even as newer technologies emerge.

The Eurofighter previously competed alongside the Dassault Rafale in the now-cancelled Medium Combat Aircraft (MRCA) tender. While the Rafale emerged victorious due to a lower price tag, the Eurofighter remains a strong contender in the MRFA race.

Airbus is pushing its offer further by emphasizing its commitment to Make in India. Their proposal includes a Transfer of Technology (ToT) for the Eurofighter, potentially boosting India’s domestic aerospace industry.

The Eurofighter’s bid for the Indian MRFA program faces competition from other contenders. However, Rafale due to prior orders for 36 units will remain the frontrunner in the program.

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