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Indian Private Sector Company, EDITH Defence Systems is developing Stringer 400, A C-UAS hardkill-n-capture system driven by computer vision and AI. The company claims that the 2kg system is in its 4th iteration of mechanical system design and will be integrated with TBone co-axial drone that company is also developing.

Stringer 400 will neutralize the threat by launching a non-explosive, air-powered projectile timed to deploy in front of the target and entangle it in its net. Stringer 400 will have a range greater than 300 meters and will be capable of repeated use in quick succession which will come in handy to neutralize drone swarms.

The system is meant to intercept and destroy small low-flying drones that have minuscule radar, thermal or acoustic signature and are primarily used for surveillance and cross-border smuggling or can be used to carry out a terror strike, as was experienced at the Pathankot airbase in Punjab last year.

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