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After placing orders for indigenous Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles, Swathi Radars, and ammunition from India, last week Armenia placed orders for 70+ units of 155mm 39-caliber artillery system manufactured by Bharat Forge, a private defense firm part of Pune. Armenia is now set its eyes on Indian-made Air Defence Systems as per information provided to and is currently evaluating two Air Defence systems that are on offer for purchase.

Armenia is looking to procure a mid-range air defense system from India for which it is looking at offers from India of its Akash Mk1/Mk2 and Akash NG Air defense systems that might soon be agreed upon. Armenia also has shown interest in Indian-made loitering ammunition and counter-drone systems.

The ex-Soviet republic, Armenia, and Azerbaijan have been at war due to a historical land dispute in the region and the recent emergence of the Azerbaijan-Turkey-Pakistan axis had turned the balance of power in the region that allowed Azerbaijan to take control of some areas that has majority Armenia speaking populations. Armenia, since 2021 has been placing weapons orders from India to get back the military edge that it once had in the region.

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