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The Indian Navy continues to demonstrate its technological prowess and strategic capabilities, this time by showcasing the Israeli Rampage Long Range Air-to-Ground Precision Strike Weapon to a UAE Navy Subject Matter Expert delegation. The visit took place on August 30, 2023, aboard the INSHansa in Goa. This marked the first time that the weapon was displayed, underscoring the Navy’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge defense solutions.

The Rampage Long Range Air-to-Ground Precision Strike Weapon is an impressive addition to the Indian Navy’s arsenal, notably equipped on the Mig-29K aircraft. This weapon, characterized by its long-range capabilities and precision targeting, is designed to effectively neutralize high-value, heavily fortified targets. Such targets include communication and command centers, air force bases, maintenance facilities, and critical infrastructure.

One of the standout features of the Rampage weapon is its straightforward “fire-and-forget” operation. This level of autonomy ensures that once launched, the weapon carries out its mission with minimal intervention, allowing the operator to focus on other aspects of the mission. This autonomous operation is further complemented by the weapon’s high-survivability at supersonic speeds, making it a formidable asset in various combat scenarios.

The Rampage’s precision targeting capabilities are instrumental in minimizing collateral damage. This focus on accuracy not only reduces unintended harm but also optimizes mission costs, setting it apart from other existing solutions. The weapon’s adaptability allows it to operate as a standalone system or via an avionic interface, offering flexibility in deployment strategies. Additionally, Rampage supports video transmission on RS-170 interface and wireless communication, making it versatile for a range of conditions.

The weapon’s weight, approximately 570 kilograms and comes with GPS/INS guidance navigation, coupled with anti-jamming capabilities, ensures precise and effective targeting. Importantly, Rampage is also compatible with a wide range of fighter jets, both western and eastern, enhancing its interoperability across various platforms.

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