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As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance defence cooperation with other nations, India has extended a significant offer to Brazil by proposing its indigenously developed 155mm/52cal Mounted Gun System (MGS). The offer was made to General Tomas Miguel Mine Ribeiro Paiva, the Commander of the Brazilian Army, who is currently on a state visit to India.

Brazil initiated an acquisition program last year to procure 36-wheeled self-propelled howitzers, signalling its intent to modernize and strengthen its artillery capabilities. The primary objective of this program is to acquire a new mobile artillery system that offers enhanced deployability and can effectively engage targets at a maximum range of 40 km. The Brazilian Army’s plans involve outfitting three companies of the Artillery Division and the Mechanized Brigade with these advanced systems.

At present, the Brazilian Army lacks wheeled self-propelled howitzers, making this acquisition program a strategic priority. Several international defence companies, including Nexter from France with its CAESAR and Elbit Systems from Israel with its ATMIO 2000, have responded to the Brazilian army’s request for proposals for the new wheeled self-propelled howitzer.

India’s offer of its locally developed 155mm/52cal Mounted Gun System adds an intriguing dimension to Brazil’s quest for modern artillery solutions. The Mounted Gun System, developed in India, boasts impressive specifications, including its 155mm caliber and 52-caliber length. Such a system has the potential to provide the Brazilian Army with a cutting-edge artillery platform that can cater to its strategic and operational requirements.

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